Sunday, May 31, 2009

unsexed conversation

sing distance 
--------------and know close elimination
-----of sound distraction---------(distillation)

    -----------        - - - - - cradle your voice like a close reminder
--------------of early sex
  young thought and blood split lip
   ----- too quick to name words--

our detainment --- - ---- - --- - -- - -
        ----in noise----
echos long nerves---------------------------that stretch
--------------------miles into maybe--
to know sleep

    --  -   --  -  is river deep bringing dreams of shared sheets

Friday, May 8, 2009

murder she wrote

following her down
the river
that is

feeling footstep shores
bold against dark lined ideas
prints of thoughts
likened to the messages of old

ink stained night
follows listless movement
deciding to go through
with the murder

Sunday, May 3, 2009

last night

nostalgic stake through the heart found
a photograph of a familiar hangover
in the back pocket of last night

wake up with a stranger and call her Memory
side swiped on the front stoop
by Regret whose job peels back your skin to
and romance
a fit of fleeting sight 
the lust
a sort of extension of tendons 
tremors and touch

determine self-worth 
in a dark cove -- a pub
with dark beer
scant light to conceal the deal
with devils and angels

lets be renegade pedestrians--
an alternative to driving