Wednesday, June 5, 2013

tarot psalms 3:1

cast shame from your wings honey bee
what do you know about love 19 days old?
cheek to cheek nose to nose
grazing misty makebelieve sounds in the shape of future

drum me a heartbeat made of distance
                        recipes cut with letting go
fractured silhouettes
strange-familiar and tales                        of last time flights

fancy that—
                        her elements shift like sand

where no house may stand


and the space                                                                        is back

the mystery was never what it could be

it is only ever been what it isn’t

                                                         in these eyes there are glass shards
                                                         made of possible—refracting
                                                         the surface of things—distorting
                                                         even the simple shapes—piecing
                                                         light into sense—stitching

                                                         love                        a new face