Friday, October 31, 2008

see you on the flip side

darkly scanning roadsides as to why --- this predatory disposition
illuminated by predilections -- thinking the flow won't go too far out of reach
well hell- our seldom keeping secrets is admirable made by distance

(time machines backandforthbackandforth)

sticking fists forth into the air and demanding clarity standstill brevity

grieve sieve and sift through the behavioral calamity
shams blanket anonymity ---------- and we our without our vises stooped over
mass graves written on papered expectations

flushed skin blushed organs --- where is sex in all this mess --------- scratch that

--------- where is love --bending backwards on the wayside a mutual agreement met
for in house service and partnership ------- --- who cares about roaming eyes -the bump and grind of daylight savings time

our ship is sinking fast and death doesn't wait
for green lights but teeters on the withered yellowed branches of weeping trees sunken in the sides of dry urban legends lost in gritty bars---a constellation of stars complex against the stage where noise stands and the decision of sound lives up to it's many names

my muse

where are you walking now - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - what is this cruel city that tangles my feet in roots buried below the paved broken streets

what is this place i recognize so well against dark nature?
(great eternal couch)---
even published thoughts perish in the deep recesses of sleep

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so full of shot (the body's mind rot)

this thing
this back is stitched up---


now - - look

- - - we are space

held loose(ly to-get-her -gathered in the arms of another invisible
un-divisible force

- - - six feet under grounds

- - - -cold right down to skeletal mounds

do you hear fossils forming

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the books


blood beat (the hearts keep

shipping yards and sails----

---------------violins play cold steel sounds----

old books yellowed

pages of vision-------slender sight - ------------ - quiet looking

dripping conversation swallows reserve

smoky constructs ------- - - ---- inside -- the brick house burns
while soft insides sound afrika electric

understand----see---we are river skin and shepherds lost in a swollen walk of modern

Friday, October 24, 2008

written in the ground

fall crow eyes black

--------------- against ------- burial sounds

evening attire & footsteps

scraping stones-- the sounds echo off basin mouths-

---------- ------------ - chipped ageless

- - faceless ------------------ ------------ noise

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"trade in your hours for a handful of dimes, gonna make it baby if we try"

though it hasn't crossed

yellow lines -- ---- yet

i know ambush---
self implications contained
bar none against insider's spirit

be glad bread is on the table
be thankful for roof and the hours of nine to five
they say-----

our grind is worth it we say our grind is worth---- what?

pennydimes questioned
bitter pride questioned
raging bones clacking too tired for care questioned

still-------- we anchor our thoughts and clip on the mask--turn heads to senseless tasks

buy back life with shelved items (dust we carry home . . . and weight-by the road
for eternity's foul bus to hitch us a ride

married to our pride carried in a bag--fear that hides ----consequence and delay

what role do we play--while not doing to not say
giving up the day for weekly pay-checking out of slow slumber ways

where self
---------------- assurance once

------------- -------- ---------- --stood

Monday, October 20, 2008

the street has two sides

make splatter against the sidewalk

mind trot---forgot to look right before left wing took flight

the lure of two lives
oppose the lure of two lives parallel objection

-----------devotion to space---------this is now

and k(no)w one will say otherwise

choice is thrown to circumstance

two winds// one slender pick and a story to go along:

this one tells of comfort and green-it says the work that is hard
will well earn extra years to upturned palms and calloused history

the other speaks of short lived love and sense
the walls of night and empty glass laughter// time well spent and a death well earned

too choose--renounce this
- - - - - - renounce that

our giving up and out of decisive moments
forging currents--our hands too weak to damn
our hearts too shallow to name

tethered calculations made careful
slow descent and divide

- - - - - the keepsake moment left to wither into a sigh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pro-lifers holding signs on union again

selected outings as body leaves mind

a follow up ad - - - - and a brief reply

random contributions------------frustrations fester

our mounting greed for justice --- the foolish scheme

leave it at the door --- per says ------ and something equal will come this way

--------- --------- ---------- - - - - tithing's of old thought and old church
------- a hint ---- of how people trip each other up

slip the slide ---hanging out ------- the fatty windows of false vision --- anti-revision

------- - - --- they stand on the street corner with their signs

thinking --they know--what a woman's body is for-- as they recline with lemonade and exhaust from the many cars that just pass on by

as they stand - -- - with the many signs --- that sing of chipped hope - - - alley way votes


anti-life? or is it choice and choose to be -- - choose again for rights choice is not option
-------- ----- it is given

and destruction comes in pink packages labeled

-------- --------------------------------- - scapegoat

Friday, October 10, 2008

we are bad parents to the earth's children

Birth. Breath. Influx, absorption, growth. Curiosity. Searching, seeking, discovering. An organic expansion of the mind, child sight and wonder, wander through the folds of this fantastic, color filled world.

The grind. The halt. Force fed, cram. Concrete walls, metal doors and closed posture. educate order realize no thing importance reason why undefined

belly full filled billed taken to streets beat with heat double down back around unsound conclusion conclusive death derived higher order thinking mind
in the cellar a mountain pillar dug from the ground let loose the hounds
on child brides eye navigate away from certain

Sunday, October 5, 2008

(tant) sea crets real(alize)

h eav y light ss

sm o o th talk--

es speci ally when they thought

k no w on e was l o o k ing

Saturday, October 4, 2008

sound energy vibrates brow
anger darts the night laden with broken glass and slipped calls
to ships(relations now far removed) and missing numbers
echo space

this weird thing called time
beats down new Things like shopping for compatibility

broken naked night
seeming this that is not
sin prevails
shoring even grounds misstep stuck in soils too soft too deep made mad by
irreverent desire

collar bones
white light night and our dark sight
doesn't even stand a chance love
when so many faces are looking
swinging left--
too many fingertips to touch

and sounds to make

Friday, October 3, 2008

64 degrees outside

swallowing breath on breeze

moving swift on wind invisible divisible only by summation of time and place

reticent to immobility --the armature of predicament and static stance

stuck in lands with naked trees baring white teeth

white bones--

crisp air delivers boarders restrained edge--

the long light staggers heart --breaking ribs as it leaves
viable memory in tact and sullen lingering thought pressing breasts

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

loose thought on the number 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

our voices
made big--by single-mind(ed thought

existential hands flung into future thought
string jazz and breaking glass

pregnant shadows abort light-

while handing out bread baskets
to the poor
broken banks resting
on the backs of silence (milkmaid servants & candy eyed farmers

our voices left be(hides tanned against the smoke house wall

etched into sidewalks--small hand print signatures spread out against time immemorial


self-righteous escalation

cynical beat
broken curb
and stand still slurs