Saturday, September 27, 2008

scattered across the floor

staccato images

spent lying against the curb

Friday, September 26, 2008

before oxford (at the memphis airport

mississippi hot spot
searching the skyline for slender metal arms
knowing this black man is going to land

just like before

dream about how
if only
this one can do it

wonder if we'll riot?--
we'll riot
if conservative cunt and cancer
ooze their broken agenda into the already stale and stinking room (it's yellow now)
putrid from sandy lies and oily wretched buys

podium battles
raging for the big saddle
today i saw a man pissing on the side of the road
wonder if he cares about show downs and promises

big talks centered around unresolved issues
think money can assist you??
'hell fucking yeah it can--you ever tried to buy food with borrowed time?'

american health fasted on food to soon
our obese nation will give weigh under weight
po' boy buckle
and see how the land of milk and honey no longer suckles
no matter
how deep
we dig
no matter
how much
we dish

it's all coming back--the wind says so
with hurricane blows tornado shows and quaking bedrock
it's a conundrum of the clock

taking sharp account
of everyone who said the bible told me so
scripture wrapped around the nails of a government made green from scraping unseen bargains
and the good people left behind let out into a concrete wilderness
where voice is death
where broken backs tell of familiar stories
familiar history-

books written sold and told--
who'll write
the next one
changing everything back again

the hot mississippi night
for a good fight

Monday, September 22, 2008

attempt) vision & time

pastures cleaned by dry air

a heat navigating through invisible channels
broken only by occasional shade (trees withered by yellow fevers turning red

desolation dreamed of --or so it is written
about a place
where the ocean
meets the land and speaks words funneled into windy screams

guttural words
spoken sweet goodbyes
sand is picked up from the sky to build mountains
(built on the backs of ants (our mass) a bulking enterprise

hell bent to stay alive

Thursday, September 18, 2008

u title

lung roots tangle this breath
the body a resistant foe while the mind in refusal grows

top soil erodes while the twisted masses reach down
depths beyond the memory of death

am i dark in this step?
is my skin even white?
it feels
like red rubbed raw from labels (called disabled
and the broken lime light signals departure
radical caricatures of the self

masked off temples--
a home without ritual robes where noThing is closed
looking for a door living open and lock-less
where mystery is thick inviting mercury milk--
a poisonous necessity for birth(re-plied
a subtle slide into earth sex and scent

a mutual pattern of ascension
leaving behind rhythmic dissension

spreading palm palettes
across the table
at one end
possible thought
a radical notion

Monday, September 15, 2008

simple death #2

the great ornament of death
is a shiny mantel above

where hands reach with prideful palms
sweating their story--

our birth is buried
in signature moments

the simple death

left it outside the door

in the grass
behind the house--

the little ones

found out what it's like

to lose

this violent earth with all its dark flowers

Saturday, September 13, 2008

city of six lane highways-you don't have to look both ways before you cross

everyThing slow(ly) dies
a-sort of sad melancholy
blanched by the sun--it's white heat gone gray

the trouble seen
with this city is the heat permeating empty space
urban retreat-black beat and broken allegiances
the sprawl of look-alive homes foreclosed
banded boarded up business

memphis heritage kept alive on black and white postcards
50 cents a pop
if only the corner nickel and dime didn't hit bottom-dropped shop

i heard once that a movement as strong as oxen
as slick as oil skin and brazen palms shook loose
rusty southern lungs in this town
picket lines -- racial cries -- and downtown was broil

now this moment is mockery sheen empty street
a great urban sprawling sword slashes at retrograde
signs chipped back in time

promise of renewal
bus stop blues
nested blood
oxygen courtyards

elementary crime

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

computer battery dieing in a coffee shop

28 minutes before
this battery pushes its final currentelectric mindraisingenergy to completion
permanent deletion

16 minutes before
the letters give up their click
my clack giving way
making room for over stimulated caffeine breaks

9 minutes before
i yank those Tibetan prayer flags down from where they hang over a tv frame
what is this place and why does my tongue still have a taste for its flavor

7 minutes before
the street outside becomes dangerous
angry memphian citizens crawling belly down towards a greater good regretted sailing up stream

3 minutes before
this music-sound gets good
damn this noise makes me nervous

1 minute before
the secret to your trouble is revealed
bet you never knew th

Monday, September 8, 2008

this morning i threw away consciousness

in light of severed impairment
labeled disabled
and left to grind out time sorting tiny machine parts
trinkets for a fair (game) -- they say -- fair game they say
they play
on the coy voice of tiny american people
playing with electrical appliances moving flat screened bibles and cutting the grass with impeccable perfection--

what ever it is called is dwelling underneath it all

our view point skewed by innumerable leisure's
atrophied muscles
neuronal discharge
the souls of our feet leaking the great heat that once kept us close
to the earth
a final salute

and you wondering why
so cynical--
because i had to take the trash out this morning and they didn't even look to see what was inside

Friday, September 5, 2008

education #1

eyed witness
many things left incomplete pleating with ill company
social construct leavings
and the board of higher education vacationing
permanent placement on the plank walking knife point at our backs

and red tape
red tape fluttering in the stomachs of the recently (re)possessed
the unemployed country having coffee on the sidewalked curb with an administration
who won't even give us a little head (way) for gain-way
self-save they say (their six digit salary buys them a lot of bread-expensive whiskey and wine

expendable children let in the desert
the classroom is five minute increments--a segway saluting no other choice--
paper trails and the smell of crayons colored wax and baby breath the last retreat
before possible future leaders are beat
black beat blue and the night is crying for mother when millions pray to it thinking it mother

to the
less scraping concrete pennies with broken nails hear this--
if your faith dropped in the good He's hands works--than fine--self-responsibility is a difficult fear barely overcome--
but if cop out faith leaves you broken legged in the road--then suck in your own air and leave it genderless
take choice steps based
on the natural ebb--any entity above beyond is probably too busy to worry about human hardships so small next to universes-
become fire
become a calm surface body of liquid
become all that you can be without the militant glee
set free
to know
uncertainty is o k company