Tuesday, December 30, 2008

looking at big things made out of small pieces

paltry beginning disguised with the shaky song of blood beating excited--
oblique movement turnaround touch

we are reliant on palpable editorial signage (in the realm)
of love
of commercial appeal (sex drugs rock
the rolling syzygy
concoct the ingredients of selfish thought

wanna shake it
with that one over there
get down real like and sense something of the other

though these things are seldom connected
still gonna give it a try--see why it never
to anything but a hooked look and a beleaguered sense of self

turn around grabbing at the dust kicked up
by sobriety (the narrow arrow sprung and shot forth)
gallant rider of courteous deeds
speak easy and steal something worthless
take what is not ours to take and glower in the feeling of religious ecstasy

sheathing silence
loving the songbird perched in the window so loud--
take me back to herstories defined by noise synchronized
expounding out into the soft night where cold waters stand (still and alone
a place where ladders climb to blank space
filled with unopened letters
and childless birth is everywhere

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

feeling fooling 
underscore that boy 

who looks
like a girl
and the beard is just a false (seato 

while i drink
with love taking note in my pocket
a personal compass pointing north

Friday, December 19, 2008

upon seeing a pretty face passing

sensitive forum
(the aft of lamentation) considered a great curious structure--
explosive nature lipped with wet words
veiled prejudice shakes hands with color and pretends to be blind

we decorate our graves with woven blankets
plastic flowers--grievous sighs resign--we will never have eyes of a child--
too much has passed
leaving grit and scarred tissue (behind our very efforts is a sleep that in part is wished for
hoped for is smooth skin fused energy forever
though no power that be/ever will be can concede to this happening

in times stead is minute action built to the beat of an empire (self considered reticent and fighting the abstract anomaly that bakes the world into a stupor) assembling outside a door --collective good coping with global impact and diversity

the same wild eyes of birth appeal to sensitive differences
saturate body convulsing in slow hip-waves cistern for liquid heat emotion
and cry obeisance to earth's color(s
bow to eye contact and dedicated communication
Oh living delight! L A N G U A G E is sense and light and above--
we are silent vocal bodily communion
verbose love
and seething anger
our silent reservoir of desire
etched in skin and action and stillness
gratitude to the ground which holds us
and give us departure
and thought

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

after the fact of dance

discreet edges---

slipping slope downwards pulling up towards invisible beats
feet leaving ground


we are failed experiments in greatness (technologically seeking correction--connection

attempt advance placement -- cut in line -- lime in the mouth -- bite down
and exercise free will restrained and aching for the actual

tactile turnaround
the texture of experience is
tight versatility and loose motion

Sunday, December 14, 2008

figurative output

resentment left under the skin of words (worlds of two kinds clash
then meet when no one is looking) under influences dissolving in lovely argument

state of mind --thinking it of value-- just to spite- let it go by
and see if the source stays

Friday, December 12, 2008

arrangement in blue

new arrangement
---------------------in blue --- space

where crystal thought stands -------- - - - - - - ----- still
far alone on branches heavy --- rocking---- branches-

as cold as bone-- years gone without flesh buried
grounds infected with time
compressed footprints

steps yield to celestial traffic above

Saturday, December 6, 2008

deeply breathing streaming from the tip(s)
-of fingers nimble with blood-thought reimbursed from cold
winter nights leaving sentences hanging and memory clouding at the mouth disappearing
measured steps-hurried education-staggers lurching into busy cross sections of towns
numb with movement thinking it to be something great
futile severed past
talking out-loud to the moon while sweeping streets mean with *ruby's comparison
chopping block city walk swerving prejudice and neighbor

short term memory collapse --- suddenly everyThing is old --- happened history's ago
and I am without a mother or a gender or a foundation
stranded in bestial surroundings where definition slash recognition is survival--
is based upon mood
and "since feeling is first
who cares about the syntax of things"

half hearted predator smiling a crooked smile
lurking inside exterior fumbling ghost--reference to sense of self--the eye cradled in sound
believing more than sight offers in light or absence of
close to understanding that one footstep over another means little for choice or what could have been (never even existed
yet for severed existence it seems otherwise

*ruby payne on socioeconomics

Thursday, December 4, 2008

a quick thought inbetween work


line ---blood ----

on the run wet pavement and wind

splattered cadavers along the way stepping stone steps against blurred backdrops

insight contrived--are we living
in familiar
for comfort and placement (known)

are we living
in familiar because of anticipated line breaks
that coffee shop where names are thrown around and driving to work with closed eyes is habit made possible by all the short cuts and shoulder shrug struggles?

inside swells at audacious folk--believe you me they say-- this place is the real deal and our conversations are top notch intellect sculpted by worldly views-

something seems askew off kilter akimbo (1 million strong say they don't care to know
wonder-often--if anyone can say so -----

(embark now reader to a place of silence and think---

what worth pushes beautiful out there?-
can our eyes form it to shape someThing resembling true