Friday, March 27, 2009

loose thought about conservative people

strung out connection
to write of glory
 or mystery
the conflict
and reprieve 

the sound of sleep
mercy and abstract law
again a man with a gun
opinions falter in grace's face 
her satiated fate mottled by 
s i n

current electric steals my strings
to play reaching hands
palms and story--the account of one woman 
on one corner
in a city
with air and soot in her lungs

optical hypocrisy--illusion democracy
affect sound
effect and get feet moving walking stomping and turning the ground
into protest
civil right
human right
a glorious stampede of reason--logic--education intelligentsia 

loose tongues mark the direction
where crows fly
migrate difference
make it real
symbol and verse--closed path retreat backspace delete
appropriate words 

dig into the earth
close your fist around it--raise it high
feel the cinema of our own drama
insipid insight
our radioed heads

uptight belief 
vehement conviction
drop this  s i n  by the way side
nothing to die by
except ones sound (for good 

stilted legs tread careful
extend hands to lift not to rift
and become impact
ill defined
an altered arrangement of syntax

Saturday, March 21, 2009

glacial inside --- the wealth of childhood

peeking so forgotten above adult waters
where are we now? without remembrance—

are we holy
or are we the dredges of life on this round bulging planet—

below the surface
small self and personal history linger
waiting for connection

retreat back into young self
where image was really a welding hat and stick—
a night in shinning armor holding sword high

where gravel met sand and became
a mountain meeting the desert—the woods a broad jungle
with leafy muddy moist adventures—the kind where all the hollywood movies rear
their ugly heads
where a dog barking chases you through deep forest and across open fields
now become a pack of wild wolves

remember the bare patch of earth surrounded by green cut grass
and hay bales breaking the rising sun—

look earnest
look deep

for memory treasure—let it flow like the willows and smoke fires
try hard to remember the scent of aftershave and flannel
shinny buttons and buckle
and don’t forget the games smeared in ketchup and kid dirt

remember your first death
and how quiet the snow blanketed her arrival
as summer ushered in peaches—soft mounds and flesh

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Education #1

the sound quality is very crappy. i think because of the compression and file conversion 3x's over but it's the only way I can figure out how to post audio without going through an annoying hosting site.

Education #1

eyed witness
many things left incomplete pleating with ill company
social construct leavings
and the board of higher education vacationing
permanent placement on the plank walking knife point at our backs

and red tape
red tape fluttering in the stomachs of the recently (re)possessed
the unemployed country having coffee on the sidewalked curb with an administration
who won't even give us a little head (way) for gain-way
self-save they say (their six digit salary buys them a lot of bread-expensive whiskey and wine

expendable children let in the desert
the classroom is five minute increments--a segway saluting no other choice--
paper trails and the smell of crayons colored wax and baby breath the last retreat
before possible future leaders are beat
black beat blue and the night is crying for mother when millions pray to it thinking it mother

to the
less scraping concrete pennies with broken nails hear this--
if your faith dropped in the good He's hands works--than fine--self-responsibility is a difficult fear barely overcome--
but if cop out faith leaves you broken legged in the road--then suck in your own air and leave it genderless
take choice steps based
on the natural ebb--any entity above beyond is probably too busy to worry about human hardships so small next to universes-
become fire
become a calm surface body of liquid
become all that you can be without the militant glee
set free
to know
uncertainty is o k company

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

audio attempt--

i recently discovered garageband. a simple program but a lot of fun.

Note: putting audio on blogspot is a serious pain in the ass.
lay it down
        - -- ---- the day sleeping
- -- - to learn living
is a sheer curtain 

    w a i t i n g  -- -- - between secret spaces touching----

   to be pulled aside - - - - delicate--more delicate than good(byes

look closely 

---where my lace is torn
pulled up inside and shorn (from thigh---

placed in a notebook for remembering---scent

what it was between two fingers rubbing

    -------                       lace---fingers

  -- -- age seen through loud upright movement
  people stripping dignity from her grace-- -- - surrendering lust and long songs

-- - - for a moment--- single ---upright ----- and sinless  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

an account of racism rape and bridges

we asked for deliverance
directly from the mouth
of man

and now sitting in the sand (quick like)
black hair standing like a black planet
with all her weight and dark skin

standing like a wall (between) us is history
a discord between the colors
the various hues of our skin clash
break understanding -- herstory chiseled into doing

blond hair moves as a reminder of
hierarchy (a vague supposed-to-be privilege)

divulge female secrets
consideration of shared interest
unrest and repression

because cunts take abuse
and abasement has been a standing tradition
fist clench revenge red rage black skin white skin
tolerance is a damned river while acceptance empties into the mouth of the ocean

because we demanded
directly from the mouth
of patriarchy

only to find that racism is still alive
and words like slut are still meant to slander
while women wear white and walk down isles (virginity sold a valuable commodity
were a tight train is a good train --- treat her like a sin is she speaks too loud

find out what's the best way for her to be bound
bounty rape --- a nations downfall --- mankind seals his fate
the scene escalates
Great Mother
alleviate humanities mistaken nature -- --- --- folly footsteps
repeated echo down times hall

we take our deliverance
to dump it in the mouth of man
and scream hypocrisy
we echo natures curve and peace

take long strides
relinquish the perimeters of our existence
talk full loud and viscous calm
walk full loud and viscous calm
live full loud and viscous calm

know need like blood
womb and lung