Friday, March 27, 2009

loose thought about conservative people

strung out connection
to write of glory
 or mystery
the conflict
and reprieve 

the sound of sleep
mercy and abstract law
again a man with a gun
opinions falter in grace's face 
her satiated fate mottled by 
s i n

current electric steals my strings
to play reaching hands
palms and story--the account of one woman 
on one corner
in a city
with air and soot in her lungs

optical hypocrisy--illusion democracy
affect sound
effect and get feet moving walking stomping and turning the ground
into protest
civil right
human right
a glorious stampede of reason--logic--education intelligentsia 

loose tongues mark the direction
where crows fly
migrate difference
make it real
symbol and verse--closed path retreat backspace delete
appropriate words 

dig into the earth
close your fist around it--raise it high
feel the cinema of our own drama
insipid insight
our radioed heads

uptight belief 
vehement conviction
drop this  s i n  by the way side
nothing to die by
except ones sound (for good 

stilted legs tread careful
extend hands to lift not to rift
and become impact
ill defined
an altered arrangement of syntax

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