Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bail Out Package

we are here
we are here
we are here
and we are now

pick up  trouble and speak
of summits
to pass to keep
prevent hurt 
riot protest and die by belief
closure is a four letter word spelled
cause we are the 
blessed middle class and broken backs are a gift from above
though from the eternal watchers i doubt
more like penthouse clout 
letting the change trickle down 
pennies in our cup
jangle it around -- here the patriotic sound 
like heavens bells armed with the smell of fed up 
and you wanna see tough enough?

hear us speak
hear us speak
hear us speak
on a never ending seek turn around beat 
drop down ground
grinding out the sound of weekly days paydays seldom bring a raise
in spirit a rise in time
unequivocal resistance
meet me at the door
for word war
about too much forefathers with their skin hanging loose 
and their belt buckles already undone
mothers! reach out with your self entirely- palms up raised 
your fists ready to praise the first disrespect showing an ugly face
hit the dial and call 4357 a coded number
to speak to sisters
to live by sisters
in code
to die by a code of
probability and self response-ability 
to discern truth from fact
don't give a shit?!
motherfucker you are jacked--
tacked against a wall
tanned hide burned sides waiting for vultures
a miss guided culture---

too busy with picket line pro-life 
just to give a young woman even more strife--
this tide all bent over for capital praise buy more to save
when nuclear warheads can wipe us out in less than a day

so you tell me jack--
who you gonna trust to hold your hand?
when times get rough cut told to shut up

those with a lord above to guide this war
or those with sense given by a goddesses grace
that set a path of peace to taste?

you tell me -- jack--
coast to coast -- liven in a country going to the sac--
a hundred trillion billion gazillion dollars to bail us back--

is it a goal?
do we really want to go?
a countries shame wearing nice ties and a suit
a yacht with a set of crystals-- uneducated children with pistols
foreign policy--the berlin wall set down in texas
drug cartels with high-as-a-kite americans parading around 
shaking their fingers at the nasty gun wars--
where's the man in the phone booth?
collecting kick backs somewhere i suppose 

you ought to know jack--
not to go back

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