Tuesday, July 20, 2010

she heard it had something to do with telepathic communication

make a scene
while slipping (unnoticed) out the door

the quiet air fair (or is it affair
rehearsing take offs

continual comings
-------nestling of cheekbones and collar-
bleached out in the sun
neon in the night---

taken in by sight
it must seem quite obscene

until subtle--eyes adjust--
nuance and synapse--------
how she agreed was agreeable is in agreement
not unlike understanding
turning vulgar intention into sweetsouthern layedback hellos

define illumination---
steps clatter away from--
the night
shivering about connect
believes in noThing
while still ringing (loud) about reality number 1
and, ,,,,,,,,,
reality number 2---


it means

dance, i guess
or quiet revelations on the corner of streetlit lamplit evenings
something about kiss

it was also cut magnolias and shroud

Thursday, July 1, 2010

again the search

distance---stride for space--making headway
even in noise

valued silence--the parcel of peace

thunder in summer
porch and path
alternative to driving

change is made
focus and push--act

know desire--self-learning
prescribed grapple (notion of living)
restricted law of time

catch this phrase and speak of possibilities

the mountainous call of NOW
never sounded
so loud

in the ears of a listening bird