Saturday, January 31, 2009

population control

tired by design
running clarity weaves senses-----------------(to/get/her)
broken figurine dancing off kilter
eyes -- inward shine repealing time
love to often becomes a great crime


a three lettered word driven into us (kin

left to our own deep world drownings
too many deaths--and births--------------l e v e l
level will leave earth -- -- a great vexing
a caving in of that everyThing-as-we-know-it syndrome taking plight

alight without sight spiral -- rebound off of cyclical assurance
that She (being what we walk upon) Will
correct our misdoings
one way
or the other

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on peopled interactions: dreamt connect

ally in time's scape

------------------------------censored acquaintance ------

------- - -- - - dearth of connect--shun approach with quick furtive glances-

--moderate escape made via separate veins running different bloods

------------ --------------------------- -- - dissect difference

behold similarities dreamt

-------------------------- levied truths stored in distant consorts

--- - --- --- --- bottomed out wisdom with strangers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1979 intoxication

tribute to silence
out final salute to regret (our greatest defeat of)
separate synergies breathing
the west coast blues pounding
till the night closes in--
theme signature--style and portrayal

youth is illusion
and perhaps drunk is finalized prostitution (self against self)

the pinnacle--apex
salute to absolute
the distant sister
black skinned mind dancing
sheets and blind eyes

Friday, January 23, 2009

water on fire
sleek expectant faces race
towards finite beauty
in wake
on the winds whim
who owes no one
a favor
and keeps secrets
like stone grave blues

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

chiseled sister

parts of the tree disappear
behind the dew

my stomach lurches for the viable
offerings of her (earth's) dark matter--
secrets buried -- inside bodies wombs evidence and insight

the artifacts of discarded (clothing) skin on the bed
where articles drift - recordings of old doings
going-ons and desperate beginnings - ends

draped over the chair
an old blanket telling stories with scent and collected hair
a cover of night sweats mares--
they say even bad dreams are products of women--
though maybe it is the strength of fear in centuries that bring us discomfort
the quietest moment of dark remembering

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sunday afternoon in the garden
withered by wind brittle-bones falling from the trees
cascade your thought down my nape and feel alone

the call of hills settling around us
armories vacant of argument and tears
we are singularity functioning as one sun and moon

Saturday, January 17, 2009

unadulterated synergies 
the sizing up of absolutes--where--withered by asphalt and crime
destitute prodigies wear the orgies of beginnings and rise
like shackled maniacs preaching blood stone and bone

deliver sin on a platter with a bucket of gold and say you did wrong
by loving---her
and say you did wrong to leave family peace meals to walk alone--
but death is a cold companion in the garden wet with night and dew

while two selves battle 
one serving bread
the other banshee blows--a promise of light and loose will reclined in propulsion
expulsion from the garden once feared yet overgrown
with comfort -- forgiveness 
disenchanted youth! spring up from winter to know love
(it) traces circles around the body 
a warm trail to touch--tattooed on memoryskin 
chanting about made-up saviors and torn pages--
books drop from the bridge to float down stream
a vague understanding of 
and deltas 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bravery mustered for fear of not being--

the biting sound of winter
naked cheek and rosary 


a bit taken from the dream drilled down
(a toast to) the mean marrow of bones

if consequence is delivered swift--than association and action connect
if slow to years of actions pass--consequence creeps like a steady quiet blood beat--
than what learning takes place?

perhaps reflection
a fixation
black holes roam the universe looking for milky time to stop-
action dropped

continued tear---stretching across---open up almond and slide inside
warm growth hugging my floor

and in the distant is an old sign 'familiar' and 'remember'
'this way to recycled happening'

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a really fucking hard day at work

blood vessel erupt

the changeling gels into her surroundings
while magic makes a getaway

calm on the crest of hammer swinging seething meeting
(that moment between bursts)
nail(ed to a tree
where a name carved (worn smooth--by weight)
once stood fleshed in silver -- edged and sharp