Thursday, July 30, 2009

ripped by novelty-------

familiar fate
go fuck yourself-------

and eat this pain
pushing forward through WILL.
the terrible force of WILL.
coming under severed breath
the degree to which bravery falters
swinging her hips
she alters
and fate smiles at irony while kneeling
down giving head to undiminshed universe

keeping stride --- ooooh ---- our pitiful curse
dreams deafened by birth (of new
while the wet earth denies sensuous touch
keeping distance between us

DOWN to the ground with our angst and sound----
looking like hawks
searching to avoid this rift
fathom and breeze. WILL.
where is WILL.

only hallways blue and stretched
with too many knee prints and knuckle prints
tasting of salt
as hands grope for darkening ways to cope

blue hands blue feet blue street

now sensitivity is known
as parts fall off me ------- ----- - - driving down roads
------tarred and blue
------ ------ ----------- ---
------ - - -- stained with too many said lines
-------------- -------- ------------ -- - and broken hands

Saturday, July 25, 2009

be my patience
delicious fall
where mood and leaf couple
a song of dance--

smooth crisp steps
sound like
my bell-tolling
a swarthy call of

open the windows
with their cracked pains
and screenless
for light and bird and breeze
shun the walls
of our trembling touchless praise

Friday, July 24, 2009


out of will to wish this prayer--
be equivocal truth
tipping on the edge of tongue
to be one greatness

muscles taunt
a tight breath with foreplay--life's trailer
a king's riches spilled naked on the floor

think world-self

masters of the desert
whose Valkyrie is shield against the storm
an ancient war waged against unsettled risks
calculate hypocrisy and feign surprise
unfolded pattern mocks history
sayen' 'see you soon babe. you like it when i lie'

Thursday, July 23, 2009

tied to
great Expanse--the capital of our state (being)
answers are not what we need

questions lived
exaggerated forms thrive under
secret conditions

like the night
and other mysterious shrouds

veiled in pale watered light
willing original thought
only to find--

yearlings of love--
beginnings again
again and again
until fathom is felt

unspeakable feeling! hear
our stomping
on grounds too soft for comfort

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cynical movement

heart break america---
all those tar paved roads
like an empty bar

too much glass
and liquid inside

too much sass
and static outside

treat me to a lay baby
come on--
treat me

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

chemical reaction
love a product of adrenaline

brain dope and hope
a sinister combination

Sunday, July 19, 2009

little stone

little stone in my belly
feed me something good--
devour clarity no more!
sinister little stone

the rest of time is passing
greedy in my belly--
stretched out

no room for truth in these walls
only comforting stories about how it wouldn't work anyways--
all the 'what if's' still trailing long and hard behind--
hard to force down but settles nicely after it goes

little stone in my belly
how long will you be here?--
what if it floods and too much water is swallowed?

i think you are here to stay
a tight hard memory in my belly

Friday, July 17, 2009

sing a song of trepidation

of l e a v I n g

to know peace in forgetting—forging an angry bond

between memory and wish

believe me when i say—

noThing can be done

in the name of good will nor love


stepping on (sensitive) toes and messages that say

k(no)w one gets the real words being said—

an abstract way of holding-on

and shutting-down

holding hands with fake miracles fucking apologizes backstage

cramping my style like always while

waiting for you—yes you—to subside

into distant faint background noise

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sea story

our ocean muscles develop slowly
while telling secrets to the wind---

like how metaphors grow into years and become big--
telling us to be better
and to be kind

the salt like old pain--the earth knew we were coming
and cried love
as well as dread
and spoke often to the moon about what to do
while softly pulling up to the shore
rolling in and out of context
mixing sand and stone
knowing many bones would be there soon

what is prayer? said the ocean--
wishful thinking. said the moon--

often the ocean wished--or prayed--
for a great lover
to crack open the black night sky
spilling messy light everywhere to say 'i know i love you
because it's you and secrets are what we do best'

but the ocean knew
even with the light laying across her surface
she was bound to the earth--

it was the questions that sent earthquakes
across her dark depths
capsized boats and turned towns--

will you tidal up to these aching bones
roving eyes
to speak truth
while standing stock still
at the edge of tide?

will you spill your fishy secrets
like an accident over goosebumped bodies
lying prostrate on the sands?

the ocean knows
the excess of our excuse--
soft skin
and buried letters

the ocean knows not to believe in shame
the color of silver and blue

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

think life
contagious output
the porous sinking-in of not knowing
(infatuated with struggle)
time bandits steal clocks for fun--
laugh with great mirth
chilling salt in the freezer
an experiment with later--
wonder if we could make the ocean in the bathtub
with little fish and weeds and oil
predator and prey

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

let dirt road weeds
live alongside lilac summer

pray to sprawling summer heavens
fence posts and cicadas

Monday, July 6, 2009

long spider night
shimmer into spectacle (take on the angry world)
to silence

those malnourished thinkers
who feed muddy rivers lies of freedom
knowing dams exist (and man)

who said the word love
couldn't hold meaning in a room
full of people
didn't know coal mines--

never felt the saviors hand
against mine
but the breast of grace
and her fell song on wicked ears

knowing isolation
grieving staccato sob poetry
and dinner in the alley with crying
cats slinking against bereaved dark

Sunday, July 5, 2009

untitled pause--meditated stream

burning--a candle in the wind
gone mad to stay alive
sucking oxygen (pause) burnt air (pause)
fighting back the night--fierce intelligence
even as foundations melt
drip drip drip
all the way home (pause)

spoke of dewy dreams (pause)
black forest feed me dinner
deliver sinners from eternal drought

what is this metaphor but a whimsy collection of regret (pause)
or perhaps--(pause)
a syndicate to recollection (pause)

reedy summer gave hints to nostalgia and fought off cicadas
singing and burning in the night
mere shells in the hot morning sun (pause)

we were lovers shelved
and knowing a poem for that one isn't worth the letters or breath (pause)
more than the next one coming up

unearth scripture and eat the bones of yesterday (pause)
over glacier--carve me a river (pause)
the splintered sky will give rise to a boat to sail
way on (pause)
keeping abreast of the latest trends (pause)
on how best to set the mast (pause)

drink liquor from her tributary
the great mother is aroused as she
lets out to sea (pause)
her river veins run thick with debris
and need the salt of open space (pause)

forging pacts beneath the sands
hour glass thin
our persons core out circumstance (pause)
deliver tendencies (pause)
and speak foreign face to lady mundane

Thursday, July 2, 2009

not my words

"They remain slaves because they can't see what it beautiful in this world." *

* Taken from White Tiger, Aravind Adiga citing the poet Iqbal

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lady face

follow me

lady face

to a space clean of debris

marked -- the surface scratched
with footsteps of folly

shelved love--
poses (posies)---falling down--
the chalky dark night made of ashes and bone