Sunday, July 5, 2009

untitled pause--meditated stream

burning--a candle in the wind
gone mad to stay alive
sucking oxygen (pause) burnt air (pause)
fighting back the night--fierce intelligence
even as foundations melt
drip drip drip
all the way home (pause)

spoke of dewy dreams (pause)
black forest feed me dinner
deliver sinners from eternal drought

what is this metaphor but a whimsy collection of regret (pause)
or perhaps--(pause)
a syndicate to recollection (pause)

reedy summer gave hints to nostalgia and fought off cicadas
singing and burning in the night
mere shells in the hot morning sun (pause)

we were lovers shelved
and knowing a poem for that one isn't worth the letters or breath (pause)
more than the next one coming up

unearth scripture and eat the bones of yesterday (pause)
over glacier--carve me a river (pause)
the splintered sky will give rise to a boat to sail
way on (pause)
keeping abreast of the latest trends (pause)
on how best to set the mast (pause)

drink liquor from her tributary
the great mother is aroused as she
lets out to sea (pause)
her river veins run thick with debris
and need the salt of open space (pause)

forging pacts beneath the sands
hour glass thin
our persons core out circumstance (pause)
deliver tendencies (pause)
and speak foreign face to lady mundane

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