Thursday, July 23, 2009

tied to
great Expanse--the capital of our state (being)
answers are not what we need

questions lived
exaggerated forms thrive under
secret conditions

like the night
and other mysterious shrouds

veiled in pale watered light
willing original thought
only to find--

yearlings of love--
beginnings again
again and again
until fathom is felt

unspeakable feeling! hear
our stomping
on grounds too soft for comfort

1 comment:

makeshift said...

answers are not what we need"

but bleed - outward from
an inward perception of

we assure ourselves, contemplate

conception and gone - out the wound -
between breathing - touch -

always momentary. always already experienced.
always new experience. always celebration.
always funeral. always rebirth.

"questions lived
exaggerated forms thrive under
secret conditions"

of own ambitions curved
into light (other eyes seeing) or
universal - beyond breath a
single atom of absolute

that passing from form to form
is us combusting conception
is us trusting perception
fusing with amber and hail

and feeling - exposed to
other side of sensation -
the other side of air - share
in common composure of change

secrets are the roots of time