Thursday, July 30, 2009

ripped by novelty-------

familiar fate
go fuck yourself-------

and eat this pain
pushing forward through WILL.
the terrible force of WILL.
coming under severed breath
the degree to which bravery falters
swinging her hips
she alters
and fate smiles at irony while kneeling
down giving head to undiminshed universe

keeping stride --- ooooh ---- our pitiful curse
dreams deafened by birth (of new
while the wet earth denies sensuous touch
keeping distance between us

DOWN to the ground with our angst and sound----
looking like hawks
searching to avoid this rift
fathom and breeze. WILL.
where is WILL.

only hallways blue and stretched
with too many knee prints and knuckle prints
tasting of salt
as hands grope for darkening ways to cope

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