Saturday, January 17, 2009

unadulterated synergies 
the sizing up of absolutes--where--withered by asphalt and crime
destitute prodigies wear the orgies of beginnings and rise
like shackled maniacs preaching blood stone and bone

deliver sin on a platter with a bucket of gold and say you did wrong
by loving---her
and say you did wrong to leave family peace meals to walk alone--
but death is a cold companion in the garden wet with night and dew

while two selves battle 
one serving bread
the other banshee blows--a promise of light and loose will reclined in propulsion
expulsion from the garden once feared yet overgrown
with comfort -- forgiveness 
disenchanted youth! spring up from winter to know love
(it) traces circles around the body 
a warm trail to touch--tattooed on memoryskin 
chanting about made-up saviors and torn pages--
books drop from the bridge to float down stream
a vague understanding of 
and deltas 

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