Saturday, March 21, 2009

glacial inside --- the wealth of childhood

peeking so forgotten above adult waters
where are we now? without remembrance—

are we holy
or are we the dredges of life on this round bulging planet—

below the surface
small self and personal history linger
waiting for connection

retreat back into young self
where image was really a welding hat and stick—
a night in shinning armor holding sword high

where gravel met sand and became
a mountain meeting the desert—the woods a broad jungle
with leafy muddy moist adventures—the kind where all the hollywood movies rear
their ugly heads
where a dog barking chases you through deep forest and across open fields
now become a pack of wild wolves

remember the bare patch of earth surrounded by green cut grass
and hay bales breaking the rising sun—

look earnest
look deep

for memory treasure—let it flow like the willows and smoke fires
try hard to remember the scent of aftershave and flannel
shinny buttons and buckle
and don’t forget the games smeared in ketchup and kid dirt

remember your first death
and how quiet the snow blanketed her arrival
as summer ushered in peaches—soft mounds and flesh

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