Friday, December 19, 2008

upon seeing a pretty face passing

sensitive forum
(the aft of lamentation) considered a great curious structure--
explosive nature lipped with wet words
veiled prejudice shakes hands with color and pretends to be blind

we decorate our graves with woven blankets
plastic flowers--grievous sighs resign--we will never have eyes of a child--
too much has passed
leaving grit and scarred tissue (behind our very efforts is a sleep that in part is wished for
hoped for is smooth skin fused energy forever
though no power that be/ever will be can concede to this happening

in times stead is minute action built to the beat of an empire (self considered reticent and fighting the abstract anomaly that bakes the world into a stupor) assembling outside a door --collective good coping with global impact and diversity

the same wild eyes of birth appeal to sensitive differences
saturate body convulsing in slow hip-waves cistern for liquid heat emotion
and cry obeisance to earth's color(s
bow to eye contact and dedicated communication
Oh living delight! L A N G U A G E is sense and light and above--
we are silent vocal bodily communion
verbose love
and seething anger
our silent reservoir of desire
etched in skin and action and stillness
gratitude to the ground which holds us
and give us departure
and thought

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