Thursday, December 4, 2008

a quick thought inbetween work


line ---blood ----

on the run wet pavement and wind

splattered cadavers along the way stepping stone steps against blurred backdrops

insight contrived--are we living
in familiar
for comfort and placement (known)

are we living
in familiar because of anticipated line breaks
that coffee shop where names are thrown around and driving to work with closed eyes is habit made possible by all the short cuts and shoulder shrug struggles?

inside swells at audacious folk--believe you me they say-- this place is the real deal and our conversations are top notch intellect sculpted by worldly views-

something seems askew off kilter akimbo (1 million strong say they don't care to know
wonder-often--if anyone can say so -----

(embark now reader to a place of silence and think---

what worth pushes beautiful out there?-
can our eyes form it to shape someThing resembling true

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