Saturday, December 6, 2008

deeply breathing streaming from the tip(s)
-of fingers nimble with blood-thought reimbursed from cold
winter nights leaving sentences hanging and memory clouding at the mouth disappearing
measured steps-hurried education-staggers lurching into busy cross sections of towns
numb with movement thinking it to be something great
futile severed past
talking out-loud to the moon while sweeping streets mean with *ruby's comparison
chopping block city walk swerving prejudice and neighbor

short term memory collapse --- suddenly everyThing is old --- happened history's ago
and I am without a mother or a gender or a foundation
stranded in bestial surroundings where definition slash recognition is survival--
is based upon mood
and "since feeling is first
who cares about the syntax of things"

half hearted predator smiling a crooked smile
lurking inside exterior fumbling ghost--reference to sense of self--the eye cradled in sound
believing more than sight offers in light or absence of
close to understanding that one footstep over another means little for choice or what could have been (never even existed
yet for severed existence it seems otherwise

*ruby payne on socioeconomics

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