Friday, September 5, 2008

education #1

eyed witness
many things left incomplete pleating with ill company
social construct leavings
and the board of higher education vacationing
permanent placement on the plank walking knife point at our backs

and red tape
red tape fluttering in the stomachs of the recently (re)possessed
the unemployed country having coffee on the sidewalked curb with an administration
who won't even give us a little head (way) for gain-way
self-save they say (their six digit salary buys them a lot of bread-expensive whiskey and wine

expendable children let in the desert
the classroom is five minute increments--a segway saluting no other choice--
paper trails and the smell of crayons colored wax and baby breath the last retreat
before possible future leaders are beat
black beat blue and the night is crying for mother when millions pray to it thinking it mother

to the
less scraping concrete pennies with broken nails hear this--
if your faith dropped in the good He's hands works--than fine--self-responsibility is a difficult fear barely overcome--
but if cop out faith leaves you broken legged in the road--then suck in your own air and leave it genderless
take choice steps based
on the natural ebb--any entity above beyond is probably too busy to worry about human hardships so small next to universes-
become fire
become a calm surface body of liquid
become all that you can be without the militant glee
set free
to know
uncertainty is o k company

1 comment:

makeshift said...

I ever tell you that I love your poetry . . . .

don't stop.

as if you would.

(thought I'd give a simplistic comment this time)