Thursday, August 28, 2008


on the edge of adulation
where separation comes apart--thin seams
a hem on a sheer curtain--

the blindless window
cracked pain and the shadow in the center
fingering the neighbors wounds

looking up
visions sway like limbs of a tree of a woman of notions
spent lying there
among fallen cliff sides fallen times fallen remembering

rewinding adulation into foreign notions--affairs
so that everyThing seems outside
outside of self outside of control

like everything was supposed to happen that way
and the shadow in the window isn't really there
just its impression

solution disillusion
the crack in broken pains
will settle
when time falls away from our frame

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Pity Reached by Sound said...


nice work! you asked about spacing on the's crazy. it never turns out the way i want it and i'm thinking about making a web page because of that. life doesn't feel very blog-worthy.

this is fun stuff...thanks for the linke.