Monday, August 18, 2008

earning the right to decide
replicate fundamentalist's eye to see how hypocrisy likes to fly--
infection of the lungs--spores breath filters decisions down from those living

exclamation of the self upright uprooted by patronizing mother hens
clucking away always clucking about agenda's --what to do today--they say crash the next train
tunneling through anybodies breakthrough
humanity is sinking faketruth

did you read the papers
we are in the earths sixth cycle of extinction
the scythe-- agriculture's sickle industrial revolution revolting
as this great mother sets down her horizons
slowly sinking to the seizing
proletariat espionage
the bread
the butter
the knife
the spreading of slick views unrecycled through vestibules leading knowWhere

green palace ferns give way to concrete staccato planted metal beams steeling space
for that hummer parking place
our crisis is ringing sirens--
QUICK! everybody against the nearest wall
heads cover ducked and running eyes cast down to(ward spiraling we will go
merrily merrily
ashes to ash and dust to dust
falling down the tightest rope ever put up

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