Wednesday, August 13, 2008


try standing for one thousand years--
pins and needles would be a pleasure compared to this run around conversation
intense exasperation exaltation
constantly speaking of freedompeacespace __ made from what?_
some loose idea leaking from deaf ears

what if bullets were made out of something soft
to get shot a compliment common placed among royalty
instead of young friends feigning for an explanation with lead in their hands
carbon copy signatures initiation -- this family needs an explanation why babies
sometimes go in the ground and why some people sit cross eyed on Cleveland St. picking scabs scratching at invisible bugs crawling over their skin
why some people are born in brothels and some buried in mass graves

this family needs an explanation why some people have the time to go to the gym
why some can drive fast cars too fast and afford to crash-fast this logic isn't going to hold up in a court of predetermined law
where the makers are invisible calling shots from places too far to hear
how it all came about in the first place

distinct pillars hold up memorythought extending out into one thousand years
where standing
is all the peoples who ever tried to
understand - this--
we are not true believers in salvation--not really anyways
consoled caroused into faking it making it look authentic
co- conspirators in disguise as faithful sinners loyal to idea forgiveness and hopeful destinations a place where space isn't even an issue
a place paved shinning with mansion wealth wings lighting on cloudy bright skies--
but when the clock strikes two in the middle of night lusty faith is placed in
a place
where lucid shivering sex creatures shine and
criminalized acts are redemption and outlaws get a prize

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