Friday, September 26, 2008

before oxford (at the memphis airport

mississippi hot spot
searching the skyline for slender metal arms
knowing this black man is going to land

just like before

dream about how
if only
this one can do it

wonder if we'll riot?--
we'll riot
if conservative cunt and cancer
ooze their broken agenda into the already stale and stinking room (it's yellow now)
putrid from sandy lies and oily wretched buys

podium battles
raging for the big saddle
today i saw a man pissing on the side of the road
wonder if he cares about show downs and promises

big talks centered around unresolved issues
think money can assist you??
'hell fucking yeah it can--you ever tried to buy food with borrowed time?'

american health fasted on food to soon
our obese nation will give weigh under weight
po' boy buckle
and see how the land of milk and honey no longer suckles
no matter
how deep
we dig
no matter
how much
we dish

it's all coming back--the wind says so
with hurricane blows tornado shows and quaking bedrock
it's a conundrum of the clock

taking sharp account
of everyone who said the bible told me so
scripture wrapped around the nails of a government made green from scraping unseen bargains
and the good people left behind let out into a concrete wilderness
where voice is death
where broken backs tell of familiar stories
familiar history-

books written sold and told--
who'll write
the next one
changing everything back again

the hot mississippi night
for a good fight

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