Saturday, September 13, 2008

city of six lane highways-you don't have to look both ways before you cross

everyThing slow(ly) dies
a-sort of sad melancholy
blanched by the sun--it's white heat gone gray

the trouble seen
with this city is the heat permeating empty space
urban retreat-black beat and broken allegiances
the sprawl of look-alive homes foreclosed
banded boarded up business

memphis heritage kept alive on black and white postcards
50 cents a pop
if only the corner nickel and dime didn't hit bottom-dropped shop

i heard once that a movement as strong as oxen
as slick as oil skin and brazen palms shook loose
rusty southern lungs in this town
picket lines -- racial cries -- and downtown was broil

now this moment is mockery sheen empty street
a great urban sprawling sword slashes at retrograde
signs chipped back in time

promise of renewal
bus stop blues
nested blood
oxygen courtyards

elementary crime


makeshift said...
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makeshift said...


streets same like south chi-town, blues brick and bone and cement thick and alone amongst a million mingling chromosome homes and hearts filled with empty purple and blue and noise

kinda wanna see some green (nomoremachine)

empty building is just solid, crunchy air