Monday, September 8, 2008

this morning i threw away consciousness

in light of severed impairment
labeled disabled
and left to grind out time sorting tiny machine parts
trinkets for a fair (game) -- they say -- fair game they say
they play
on the coy voice of tiny american people
playing with electrical appliances moving flat screened bibles and cutting the grass with impeccable perfection--

what ever it is called is dwelling underneath it all

our view point skewed by innumerable leisure's
atrophied muscles
neuronal discharge
the souls of our feet leaking the great heat that once kept us close
to the earth
a final salute

and you wondering why
so cynical--
because i had to take the trash out this morning and they didn't even look to see what was inside

1 comment:

makeshift said...

"in light of severed impairment"
impaired by process out of control
society broiling up it's dues

you pay by mind nimble under
control of leisurely considerations.

Still spout.

"look what's inside" find what's really going on (gone) anyone notice?