Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"trade in your hours for a handful of dimes, gonna make it baby if we try"

though it hasn't crossed

yellow lines -- ---- yet

i know ambush---
self implications contained
bar none against insider's spirit

be glad bread is on the table
be thankful for roof and the hours of nine to five
they say-----

our grind is worth it we say our grind is worth---- what?

pennydimes questioned
bitter pride questioned
raging bones clacking too tired for care questioned

still-------- we anchor our thoughts and clip on the mask--turn heads to senseless tasks

buy back life with shelved items (dust we carry home . . . and weight-by the road
for eternity's foul bus to hitch us a ride

married to our pride carried in a bag--fear that hides ----consequence and delay

what role do we play--while not doing to not say
giving up the day for weekly pay-checking out of slow slumber ways

where self
---------------- assurance once

------------- -------- ---------- --stood

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