Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pro-lifers holding signs on union again

selected outings as body leaves mind

a follow up ad - - - - and a brief reply

random contributions------------frustrations fester

our mounting greed for justice --- the foolish scheme

leave it at the door --- per says ------ and something equal will come this way

--------- --------- ---------- - - - - tithing's of old thought and old church
------- a hint ---- of how people trip each other up

slip the slide ---hanging out ------- the fatty windows of false vision --- anti-revision

------- - - --- they stand on the street corner with their signs

thinking --they know--what a woman's body is for-- as they recline with lemonade and exhaust from the many cars that just pass on by

as they stand - -- - with the many signs --- that sing of chipped hope - - - alley way votes


anti-life? or is it choice and choose to be -- - choose again for rights choice is not option
-------- ----- it is given

and destruction comes in pink packages labeled

-------- --------------------------------- - scapegoat

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