Friday, October 31, 2008

see you on the flip side

darkly scanning roadsides as to why --- this predatory disposition
illuminated by predilections -- thinking the flow won't go too far out of reach
well hell- our seldom keeping secrets is admirable made by distance

(time machines backandforthbackandforth)

sticking fists forth into the air and demanding clarity standstill brevity

grieve sieve and sift through the behavioral calamity
shams blanket anonymity ---------- and we our without our vises stooped over
mass graves written on papered expectations

flushed skin blushed organs --- where is sex in all this mess --------- scratch that

--------- where is love --bending backwards on the wayside a mutual agreement met
for in house service and partnership ------- --- who cares about roaming eyes -the bump and grind of daylight savings time

our ship is sinking fast and death doesn't wait
for green lights but teeters on the withered yellowed branches of weeping trees sunken in the sides of dry urban legends lost in gritty bars---a constellation of stars complex against the stage where noise stands and the decision of sound lives up to it's many names

my muse

where are you walking now - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - what is this cruel city that tangles my feet in roots buried below the paved broken streets

what is this place i recognize so well against dark nature?
(great eternal couch)---
even published thoughts perish in the deep recesses of sleep

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