Monday, October 20, 2008

the street has two sides

make splatter against the sidewalk

mind trot---forgot to look right before left wing took flight

the lure of two lives
oppose the lure of two lives parallel objection

-----------devotion to space---------this is now

and k(no)w one will say otherwise

choice is thrown to circumstance

two winds// one slender pick and a story to go along:

this one tells of comfort and green-it says the work that is hard
will well earn extra years to upturned palms and calloused history

the other speaks of short lived love and sense
the walls of night and empty glass laughter// time well spent and a death well earned

too choose--renounce this
- - - - - - renounce that

our giving up and out of decisive moments
forging currents--our hands too weak to damn
our hearts too shallow to name

tethered calculations made careful
slow descent and divide

- - - - - the keepsake moment left to wither into a sigh

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