Monday, July 21, 2008

nest building 1

soul crawling backwards
finds a nest
doesn't care which fits best


was it puerile to think love would work
insensate forces fester barring teeth and breaking sound

the burden is too great for our solution mingled in dissolution and solace
found in boxes taped with age hidden in the attic
where this withering mind resides
lofty in past crimes

how do we get out of here
this place of prices paid
yearning rage (not wage) earned

by stretching muscles lengthwise (she said

peering peering peering into past reprise (no amount of make up can hide

how come you never told me this meant so much
to young sick hearts living in icing suffocating sense

we didn’t have enough scars or wrinkles for our souls--
they found us before we were ready

without defense shedding tightening skin wrapping around taunt lungs looking looking looking
for ---absolution

swayed back by thin air memory and hot fortunes

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