Monday, November 17, 2008

hotel window morning

paled in winter white sheets
some strum of affection gone astray --- weakness obeserved in low lit bars
where circles ring the eyes of strange selves

leveled into sleep lulled into deep cold

and soon naked touch --- picked her up --- unfamiliar eye-dreams --
said without schemes its only a small cut --not much blood but in breath and bed

erase-- identify momentary thief --recede concede giving all to shallow grounds on bent knees

and pray

that it'll happen again

damning memory to hell fire brim knowing it is that "I" that everyone speaks about
revered by scorching tongue backlash and sink into curtains
knowing influence finite pain unidentified
only to forget

a city exists built by hands and sweat and fame is only around the corner next to anonymity
broken church bells and frayed flags ring courtships cut lawns and songs
we the people move grim notions around exchange current-sea for land
the debts unknown too much for too little in short lives lived hard and fast

sudden breath
shielded by foreign sweat while the sun rise brings new sides to dream
while this tide is to low back gone -- a fresh sin
never saw her like that again --- on the corner --- her breath borrowed and visible
and in that moment ----- isolation

------------------------------------ - again a good friend

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