Friday, February 20, 2009


setting ------------- a h e a d
our hands shake and play against self doubt

wish articulation came easysmooth as butter--

---thinking that if we write a manifesto (of our own)
people might understand
------------ - - -- ,,,might even join this (whatever) movement--

to think--- we crawled
out of the human canvas
wet sea and fog -- found legs
to walk
even thought
on all four we still crawl

where is our good humor (isn't war kind of funny . . . sometimes)
in high school i thought i knew a lot
wonder if i still think that

small children bury their heads in dance moves and pop(culture soda corn
and eat unashamed --- --- - - though,,,so do many grown-ups--

breath out of our wild skin
run screaming peeling off face
and grace
to sing the songs we found ringing up from the ground
with our bone legs vibrating to Ancient--

always wondered what a stampede of people would be like--
lots of stories of people meeting their ends at the bottom soles
of store bought shoes
didn't see them lying there (in metaphor) black and blue and bleeding

even if words don't make no sense we still gotta speak em'
a puzzle you know--the black woman on the corner said--
even if the pieces are all sorts of wrong and some are missing just
gotta make em' fit
fit just fine

--like a manifesto i guess--published truth? or lie?
doesn't really matter
just out there

catching any ol' stray eye

a song about lungs
osmosis,,,herstory and punctuation
flexing muscle bone brute and intelligence
flexing time trying to find
an ending
oral record (cut out tongues
and text
we are ill defined
daft in the ways of making mistakes

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