Thursday, January 7, 2010

rural picture of winter(interaction


the knife-point search for words--intact but deserted--
reticent self--outward expression defined by reserved contact
minimal self inclined to withdraw--decapitate possibility with pained movements

we are cold snow dusted roads, gravel dirt ditches frozen by abandoned nature

it is our swollen sense of importance that keeps us bold (behind closed doors)

---------------------land laid out bare and touched by sadness------frozen touch
-------------------and poor memory

poor memory serving another time--

her figure looked liked miles and left a still impression
silhouetted against edge and mood

touch of gray
calloused hands
abandoned fingers with silver rings

furious possible connect
shift shape and leave this space for something quiet
in the solitude of forgetting--make believe busy--stacking cups
like it means something
besides indulgence and escape

the frozen house
on the hill
keeping vigil
over dusted figures--
shaded silhouettes against the snow

(a picture painted the attic

the warm air rising
the curved shape of expression leaning heavily
upon the chipped frostbitten window pane
looking through breath
down on roads
and frozen grounds
the clarity of distance kept keen for moments
left behind for a grand hope of understanding---
of sharing

quiet settled upon the land
proclaiming the business of sadness(
on every eyelid is of importance and should be listened to

that no distance can separate one from what is seen
no even closed sleep nor drunken love
not even soft embraces under the guise of trust

and through the window came a cry
distant and carried by north winds
the black m of flight
the crow looking for companion

the winter looking for a lover
her cold nature an affront to all but chiseled stone---
monument to self

the ending eluding to clarity
the death of spectacle,
of showmanship

the curtain closed, the attic window shut--
under the sheets, the house sits quiet
a borrowed breath away from
the couch and the grave
and settles silence under the skin

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