Friday, August 20, 2010

unfinished sketch of a system in turmoil: blind leadership in the six digits

to need
like whispers in the ear

building sense playing rolls dubious concerns about reality
school teacher smarts
left with a block between
while pedaling illumination under the table

a dog in the room you see
a dawg in da room
the BIG secret: admin passcodes blow
while everyone thinks about data


a small child running wicked wild from room (class)
slapped senseless before sleep (a dark bedless room)
left inside all night
now count to two and learn to measure this line

education designed: clustered--cornered--cherry bombing real life
and fucking paycheck stubbed suit-ties from florida ------ apparently

the real deals sneaking in technology and concept
slipping students some understanding telling them life is fucking hard
but you can sail away if only by looking observing focusing
read read and read
the intercom connected viral exchange

pushing pennies and title 1 funds
this book from 1971?
lets backtrack
since when is truth shouting a criminal fact?

hit me baby one more time
and this go around
little pitter patters
you're shelling it out
the revolt
the news reads:
500 12 and unders take over a school in southtown memphis
the word as to why: tired of a block between, little tykes crying for a new scene

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