Monday, June 9, 2008


in my mouth is a word
       pressed together
       tied with a string of sound
long moment-pause--gape--in between
the hierarchy of her thoughts 
climb upon the couch of my immobility 
beating the gaps expansion furiously--movement
her hand is growth hiding in a well on the inside
                         of palms (psalms) raised upward
soft light dark light illuminates dark eyes--hair 

prayer is not a conversation with god or goddess 

it is human consideration
verbalized clarity of wants needs worries disintegration affiliation raising-ation 
the shedding of confusion and fuss

our skin is elastic
everyday we ink our pours 
the history and silt of yesterday 
becomes today--

the river is misdirection 

(this) meditation is a word inside a mouth released
the forming takes place drifting slowing
from the sound wrapping around

inside my palm i dig a hole to place light pressed together
it grinds and grinds against dust settling knowing
intervention is not possible even with a working engine--
we cannot move to let the light out

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