Wednesday, June 18, 2008

where this don't live

filament threads running over north south east
the south
southern tongues tasting
forward road running endless
the sides of the earth fenced tamed rubbed bare
sweat runs down her face and womb swollen with spring and the south

the open air casting shadows
filament threads weaving intricate tapestries

her posture spoke of differences between worlds
the thin edge of a window naked to the touch
drowning ancestors open their mouths at vast space
swallowing sense of self
the boat churning to horizons disappearing

this time she shifted into a strange stance
holding it for a long moment looking focused
lighter than usual yet
straining from the weight
she said
the weight of muted oceans—
panic is no longer an option

she took off all her clothes
letting them fall to the floor
they slid away from her as her hips swayed
as if standing proud upon the pier of a boat
rocking back and forth
eyes searched beyond middle grounds to horizons far removed

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