Wednesday, February 24, 2010

reverb rewind, longdayattheoffice

i digress shift
external expansion
the minds dull explosion (no one noticed the pieces being picked up)
nor the drive by jokers
in their youth
and in their glory

it was a connection
a loss
a felt dimension of mention--
the zoned out man with his chin and his other chin
calling it exploration
(as he sat dumb looking at the sun
or was it the short skirted cutie with the cigarette hitching a ride across the street) yeah i think it was that
one over there on the hill striking curbs while keeping it real, hustle--doesn't even have to make sense, just give it a moment to rest and keep the sentence running on and on cause no one's goen' to the trouble to read this mess anyways, talking a wall, a white wall with an inched up dress and a flamingo haircut--beer followed by a coffee followed by a bed followed by an alarm followed by too many motherless fatherless children trying to be students really being dogs in a kennel--keep your chin up kid or the world will fuck you over real hard--digress i digress and shift into my best--like sunday attire--sam i am you be reading dis?too much time in memphis mitch and not enough paZazzzzz--damn it's hot in here-ya hear-?? ? ?stuttered a here ? ? ??? present tense
the rest is
just mess

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