Friday, April 9, 2010

time and space
a mistaken shape

the drawing came together from a sketch and she realized--

shortcomings were dug deep in her actions--what to do--
through the shattered light of memory--the dancing fractal images of faces words
night smells and sight

roads like thought stretched like a familiar pattern---- carrying in old hands weather worn-
cruising transient boy blurred by timelapse----
the best kept secret folded in pockets of embarrassment--shy muteness--pretending casual-self in the midst of embers and voice
it broke--a misused door on hinges turned inside out
spelling e x t r e m i t y

meanwhile--the sidewalk offers its assistance to pondering and meandering and all the rest of that thinking back

a slow stride sentence looking for a poem
a raven looking for limb
a lamppost looking for a shadow to cast

select embrace, erase, move flightless through the air and realize falling
something like prayer only more like an empty calling

brazen gesture
sounding at midnight -- lighting fires in her sleep

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