Friday, May 7, 2010

the crisis

the war raged all of this life
while willows grew and barn wood aged even more
against fabric blue skies

transition brought her to the brink of static
thinking fate was working itself out
and old pages were valued for their store of wealth
memories likened to gold

space was an issue--------------some concern
discerned from meager stillness, shyness, mute narrowed eyes
and a battle with distance
where love harbored masks (often perceived as villainous) in the in between

keeping true to light
scattered by branches
shyness agonized over courage
calling her a coward

until steps focused
a brave beginning
for this sheppard
cooing to feelings
a coxing of action

silence finally played its' part
having dispensed with Awkward--
that haughty noiseless woman
had her way
with the remembering

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