Friday, May 21, 2010

upon witnessing a drugbust across the street on the last day of school

marking the day
deposit: brandishing guns--politely ringing the doorbell

a sketch of under the covers
her frame marks the anniversary of adolescent death

the working out the polishing the wood grain fever
finishing out the year

a splendid repose from real fakehorders and their drugs
lungkickers on the swat team

children running: a woman spells panic
urgency with her eyes and snarlmouth twisted into fear

while laughter litters the playground
along with candies and popsticks

popo apologies
somethin' about doen' a job

the excitement left jumpy words in the halls
dancing with first hand experiences--slamstories of whathappenedthen
and next

a furled fist in the background

better go watch the cars
the high school lets out soon

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