Monday, May 3, 2010

your presence is like charcoal on the skin
toxic gin
smeared with your dark outline-
everything looks messy

wish i could drink in reverse
that way i'd only improve as the night
teeter-totters on

whiplashed into thinking
the SOULution dwelled sacked-out suckerpunched

in common beginnings, endings
begging to be different
in the mind a great fantasy of forgetting (to feel-- grows
saturated excuses build blinds on our eyes

the solace at the days closing rests on a pillow
smothered in the mind--silently working
us unaware

it was triggered relaxation
at the sound of a bell--
Pavlov and his dog murdered mystery

or was it built infancy
human nature
our farce a golden treatment of wheezing punched up love

naked front--
can't everyanyone write a fucking memoir
i mean . . . exaggeration isn't a difficult lie
more like sexed up truth

and that kiss became an entire world
and that brush stroke brought millions to their knees
and any folk with a sense worth two licks can bury history

it ain't that hard

i mean
its back--
back to common beginnings

and do you feel small still??
like the big world keeps getting made bigger
by all the loud walkers with big flapping jaws
and fancy lighted signs singing
"Watch out kiddies--wide load"

help 101: just think--exaggeration is no womyns' claim
it's a free trick of the trade
so broaden your shoulders little lady
suck it up cause the worlds looking bright

but i can see---
see that you are no fool
probably one of those stand-the-test-of-time runners
in which case:
hitch up your coveralls darling and run on
an on an on an on an on

who knows, you could have your very own sign soon
that reads
"watch out world--inflated truthkicker coming through"

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